Proposal Story

During a New York City weekend getaway with her mom in 2012, Lexi snapped a picture outside of the Plaza Hotel pointing to the wedding venue and dresses of her dreams. She joked that the only things missing were a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, a Vera Wang dress, and of course, a proposal.

Almost five years later, Ross surprised Lexi with a trip to NYC to celebrate the success of a major event she hosted at work. Lexi was thrilled about the getaway, but was nervous when Ross wouldn’t share the name of the hotel he had booked.

When the two arrived via train, they caught a cab and Ross gave the driver an address of a building around the corner rather than the actual hotel, to keep Lexi on her toes.

Nearing the Plaza hotel, Lexi asked Ross if they could stop in, to which he responded with a grin. He had booked her dream hotel for the night and Lexi was immediately on cloud nine.

Ross told Lexi they had drink reservations at 6pm, so she took her time getting ready in the luxury hotel before slipping on a new dress.

When they headed out for drinks, the weather was much colder than expected so Lexi begged Ross to return to the room to change. Ross insisted that they at least take a picture in Central Park before she returned to grab a sweater.

Ross asked a tourist to take a photo of the two, and much to Lexi’s surprise, he got down on one knee!

It turns out, the tourist he asked to snap the picture was actually a professional photographer that Ross hired to capture the moment.

Lexi doesn’t remember a single word Ross uttered while popping the question, probably because the ring was more perfect than she ever could’ve imagined. Without hesitation, she said yes!

Thinking the moment couldn’t be any more perfect, the photographer followed Ross and Lexi to the Plaza to snap a few more pictures. Ross led them to the concierge and confidently asked for a package that was waiting for him. Though Lexi was a bit confused, Ross handed her a package from the one and only: Christian Louboutin.

Lexi went from excited to overwhelmingly elated in an instant. Ross told her that he might not be able to give her the wedding of her dreams, but at least he could give her the proposal of her dreams. And it was, truly, the proposal of her dreams.