Our Story

Although they never crossed paths while both working on the Hill inWashington, D.C., Ross and Lexi met in Cleveland, Ohio during the winter of 2016

Lexi temporarily moved to Cleveland at the beginning of January to work on the 2016 Republican National Convention, held in July of that year. Shortly afterwards, Ross moved to join the team as well, and it wasn’t long before the two met and hit it off!

The Convention ended in July and Lexi accepted a position on the campaign trail in Florida.  Lexi knew Ross was the one when he followed suit and moved to Florida with her!

The campaign took the couple from Tallahassee to Longboat Key, and even though the scenery was a dream, the days were long. It was all worth it though, and  with a campaign victory under their belts, they were ready to get back to D.C.!

Just a couple weeks after the election, Ross and Lexi were both called to work on the Presidential Inaugural Committee, in Washington, D.C.  After their candidate took office, they each landed positions in the Administration.

Ross and Lexi both love their jobs, living back in the city, and spending time with old and new friends.